Notary and Apostille


address to send docs:         FCCS      2330 Clare Dr., Tallahassee, FL  32309

Please feel free to call us with ANY questions:

Teresa (850) 524-5437                            Rich (850) 524-6243                   Brandon (850) 491-9625

Need forms from Division of Corporations:

***NOTE: Division of Corporations has changed their ‘wait’ policy, June 5, 2019 – Couriers must drop off docs. and pick up the following working day.  This is not at the couriers discretion, but the Division of Corporations decision.  This is due to budget cut backs in the state of Florida, resulting in staff reduction.

FCCS is owner-operated, no one handles your documents but us.


We are please to offer notary services, and wedding officiating, please contact us for complete details (850) 524-5437

The Process for Apostille:

  • Prepare your documents  –   Check the procedure for state document authentication at: and include a money order, or blank check  (we are BONDED), NOTE:  if you do not know the exact amount that needs to be paid to the office, we ask you include a blank, signed check made out to the Florida Dept. of State, and we will complete the check for you, and include it with your docs.   We do offer to pay for your document Apostil and will submit an invoice prior to submission for reimbursed.    
  • Make sure that your notary has a valid and readable FLORIDA stamp, do not smudge or embellish notary seal in any way, and that you have included either a DOS Apostil submission for, OR  a letter from your office stating the COUNTRY for which the Apostille is for.   Make yourself a photocopy of ALL documents, for your records
  • Prepare your document(s) for shipping, UPS, Priority Overnight, FedEx, etc.  (we recommend a ‘trackable’ service, as the USPS isn’t the most reliable or fastest service
  • Since your  documents will be returned:  Prepare a return pre-paid label for us to return your  documents, make sure you complete the billing information, or document(s) will not be returned to you.   You can send the docs. anywhere you want, just include the correct pre-paid label.
  • You can include the cover sheet that offers, which will include your name, and contact information, country the Apostille is for, and the number of Apostille you are requesting.  PLEASE include your phone number, incase we (or the DOS)  have questions. 
  • Place your documents in the envelope with your return envelope/or label  in the envelope for the completed docs.
  • Include 2 checks in with your package; (1)  for the Department of State for the apostil fee  (1)  check or money order made out to FCCS:
  • FCCS fees $75.00  for 1 – 6 Apostille
  • for 7-12  – $120.00
  • for 13 – 20 – $150.00         
  • Place checks in envelope, with documents,  seal and send
    Mail  or Fed Ex. (no signature required) all packages to:
    FCCS c/o Teresa Fillmon
    2330 Clare Drive
    Tallahassee, FL 32309
  1. When you have sent your documents, please notify us with the tracking number so we can expect their delivery. e-mail us at: and/or call us at: (850) 524-5437 (leave a message)  or  (850) 524-6243


  • $75.00 -PER business entity  (next day pick-up)
  • Apostil fees are:  $10.00 for each notary doc. and $20.00 for each Clerk of the Court doc. 
  • $1.00 per page to print your docs. for submission (if you are using a virtual notary)
  • 5% for PayPal payments,  OR  3.5% for SQUARE payments


Since originals are needed for apostille, you can easily insert the 2 payments (1) for the cost of the apostille to the Dept. of State, and (1) to FCCS for our service payment.  If FCCS pays your fees for you, we will invoice you upon receipt of your documents, and require reimbursement before your docs. are submitted to the DOS for processing.  FCCS, in good faith, paid governmental fees on your behalf, and require reimbursement same day service was provided.  We will invoice you a detailed payment invoice for services,  which can be paid through Paypal (5% surcharge for payment through PayPal),  SQUARE (3.5%),  money order,  business check (which would be sent with your documents, if you mail them in), or cash ** (we do not recommend sending cash via the mail, this is more for local businesses). 

Documents are not processed until payment for services is remitted.   

If you want to avoid PayPal fees, then please mail/FedEx, UPS, your payment when you submit documents.

** Unless you have an account with us, all services must be paid in full before documents are returned to you.