We are open for Business

We provide document and parcel services to:

  • All Division of Corporation Services, and Dept. of State Services
  • All State of Florida offices (FDLE, FL Bar, FL Capitol, DBPR, Dept. of Revenue, Office of Elections, etc.)
  • All Leon County offices (Clerk of the Court, Vital Statistics, City Hall, etc.)
  • Dept. of Transportation – IFTA and IRP for semi- trucks, DMV
  • state-wide small cargo delivery (under 400 lbs)
  • Registered Agent Services (Legacy RA Group, Inc.)
  • Notarial and Apostille services
  • Wedding Services

Teresa  (850) 524-5437   Rich  (850) 524-6243 Brandon (850) 491-9625

After Hours: (850) 443-0168

E-mail: floridacapitalcourierservices@gmail.com

Address for shipping documents: FCCS, 2330 Clare Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32309


NOW TAKING CLIENTS THAT NEED Dept. of Transportation services to obtain IRP and/or IFTA stickers, contact us for complete details. Our IFTA representatives are:

Rich (850) 524-6243 and Brandon (850) 491-9625    

Just a friendly reminder, Florida Capital Courier Services is OPEN for business and can courier your time sensitive docs. to and from ALL state offices daily. FCCS provides same day submission for all filings that arrive to our office before 3:00 p.m. (The docs. are time/date/stamped, and are effective the day we submit them) All docs. received AFTER 3:00 will be submitted the FOLLOWING business day. We will continue to receive electronically generated filings. We also provide complete Notary and Apostille services. If you have any questions or concerns, just give us a call. Please note, as a continued courteous we will submit payment for your filing but we have revised our policy to require payment prior to document submission. We will invoice prior to document submission, and offer electronic payment via: PayPal (5%), SQUARE (3.5%), **check or money order for payment. All fees must be paid prior to doc. submission to any office.

Thank you for your continued business, we look forward to hearing from you, and stand prepared to serve you.

NOW OFFERING in-person NOTARIAL SERVICES and wedding officiating, call for details: 850-524-5437

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Florida Capital Courier Services is owned and operated by Rich (850) 524-6243   and Teresa  (850) 524-5437  Fillmon.  Living in the Florida capital affords us the opportunity to hand carry time sensitive documents to any Florida business and/or government office located in Tallahassee.   

E-mail:   floridacapitalcourierservices@gmail.com

Your documents are a priority to us.  We are able to courier  ANY  LLC, INC. applications, declarations, amendments, by-laws, renewals, articles of incorporation/organization, insurance forms, Clerk of the Court, Tax Collector, FDLE clearances, court documents, adoption dossier packages to the Sec. of State; Florida notarized docs. needing the Apostille; etc.  documents from individuals or businesses that need a time sensitive (hand carry) submission to any business or governmental office in Florida’s capital.   We treat your documents with utmost care and confidentiality, offering reliable and expedient services in Florida’s Capital city.

Please note that the Dept. of State, Division of Corporations revised their rules (6/05/2019), that they are allowed 24 hrs. to process docs., thus we no longer can offer ‘same-day’ service, but offer same-day drop off, and we will retrieve your docs. the next working day.   Document effective date will be the date they were submitted.


** check or money order must ‘clear’ our financial institution prior to document submission, we recommend credit card payment for instant doc. submission

Thanks again for your continued support of the small business.