Meet the Staff

Florida Capital Courier Services is owned and operated by Rich and Teresa Fillmon.  Having adopted 3 children from Ukraine, they understand the importance of how critical, time sensitive documents are handled and processed in a timely way.  We have expanded our business to include any documents that require state certification, apostille, or other submissions in our state of Florida capital.  We hope you will not only use our services, but make comments to our google listing, our social media page and recommend us to others.

We specialize in hand carrying your important documents to any business or governmental office in the state of Florida capital. We work only in the state of Florida, and are an owner operated company. We can accommodate any and all commercial or personal documents for the purpose of state review, new LLC/INC, NEW business entities, amendments, certification, apostille,  Letter of Good Standing/Certified copies, and all services found on the Division of Corporation website,

Thank You!

In addition to FCCS, the Fillmons have a charity, His Kids Too (, that has been working in Ukraine for the last 22 years.  Their lives have been deeply affected by the illegal invasion of ruzzia into their beloved Ukraine.  They continue to support Ukraine and its people, and their charity continues to support Ukraine.  If you are looking for a way to support Ukraine, but not sure ‘how’, contact us, as we are involved with helping Ukraine remain a sovereign country.