…I can promise, you won’t find a bunch that’s more committed to the children and to making life better for all they can benefit…

…Had it not been for you, we would have never known about our son nor pressed forward with the adoption … Thanks again for all you have done!

…Thank you so much for the fast, efficient service. After some of the headaches I’ve had so far with obtaining our paperwork, I am more than pleased. I am delighted! I would definitely recommend your service to anyone.

…Thank you  so much for your service!  I was definitely pleased, and prices are VERY reasonable.  I will definitely pass on a recommendation to others …!

…we had a very positive experience.  We believe that they operate with honesty and integrity…

I would like to share that Teresa Fillmon and His Kids, Too!/FCCS have been very helpful during the process of our adoption from Ukraine…She edited and re-edited our home study several times.  Additionally, she hand-carried our dossier to the Sec. of State obtaining all the necessary doc. stamps.

I highly recommend Teresa Fillmon.  The people involved have always been honest, helpful and prompt, in all their responses.

A few months ago, when we were buried in paperwork, I realized what a source of valuable information Teresa could be for our situation…I immediately began asking her a variety of questions and was overwhelmed at how ready and willing she was to help us, a family who she had (and still has) never met personally.  We are most grateful for her help in getting our paperwork through the FL Secretary of State so efficiently.  She was also very helpful in assisting us in correcting a couple of paperwork problems that came up. Despite multiple mailings, trips to the Sec of State, and phone calls from us, she continued to be very kind and helpful.

We are so thankful for FCCS.  The process was definitely a roller coaster ride but God was there all the time patiently guiding us.  Thank you for all you do….